Mcdonalds Food Calories:

McDonald's Corporation is the world's largest chain of fast-food restaurants but although they did not invent the hamburger or fast food, its name has become nearly synonymous with both. This company began in 1940 with a restaurant opened by brothers Dick and Mac McDonald and they introduced "Speedy Service System" in 1948 that established the principles of the fast-food restaurant.

How many calories does the food in McDonalds contain?

It is already known that fast food contains high level of calories. So the food items like hamburger contains 260 calories, cheese burger(320 calories), quarter pounder( 420 calories), big mac(560 calories), fish fillet deluxe(560 calories), grilled chicken deluxe(500 calories).

Chicken Mcnuggets 4 contains 190 calories while with 6 contains 290 calories and with 9 contains 430 calories. Hot mustard contains 60 calories and honey mustard(50 calories). Sauces like sweet and sour(50 calories) and barbecue(45 calories). Salads like garden salad(35 calories) and grilled chicken salad(120 calories).

McMuffins like egg McMuffin(290 calories), sausage Mcmuffin(360 calories), English Mcmuffin(140 calories). Sundaes like strawberry sundae(290 calories), hot caramel sundae(360 calories), hot fudge sundae(340 calories) and nuts sundae(40 calories). Chocolate chip and McDonald's cookies contain 170 and 180 calories respectively. While small vanillas shake, strawberry shake and chocolate shake contain 360 calories.

Soft drinks available in different sizes like coco-cola small contains 150 calories, medium(210 calories) and large(310 calories). While any size of diet coke contains 0 calories.

How will you control your diet and maintain your weight?

Your diet can be controlled by counting calories or even by doing some sporty activities regularly.
People love to maintain their weight or loose their weight. But the fact is if you consume lots of burgers, sundaes, shakes and soft drinks you will definitely gain lots of weight. It is always preferred to count the calories of the item you are eating if you don't count you will gain lots of weight. Counting calories is also one way of maintaining your weight or you can burn your calories by doing some activities regularly like walking, dancing for becoming energetic, swimming, aerobics, jogging early in the morning.

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