Count calories

What are calories?

A calorie is nothing but a unit of measurement which is used to show the potential amount of energy that is provided to the body when a particular food is consumed. The way to prevent calories from turning into fat is exercise and a good, balanced diet. Another unit to measure the same is what we call kilocalorie. It is a unit of energy that equals to 1,000 calories, which is actually the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water one degree Celsius.

What is a calorie counter?

For those who wish to lose weight and increase their fitness levels, calorie counting is a must do task. But then the question arises - how to count calories? The answer is a calorie counter. A Calorie Counter is nothing but a way to count your daily caloric intake. It is an easy to use and hassle-free way to keep your weight under control. Every body has a daily specific calorie requirement to meet and this becomes even more significant when the person wants to lose weight. For such a case, a calorie counter becomes a necessary. The process basically involves a calorie chart that is easy to read and understand. To ensure that you lose weight, it is very important o make sure that the number of calories being consumed is lesser than the number of calories so burnt.

Why to count calories?

The weight management of your body depends upon the energy balance equation; the amount of energy you put into your body i.e. calories versus the amount of energy you expend (activity). There are three primary components that make up your body's energy expenditure. Adding these three components together, basal metabolic rate, energy expended during physical activity, and the thermic effect of food is the most accurate way of determining how many calories your body requires each day. Studies have revealed that a single pound of fat contains around 3,500 calories. This makes it necessary to consume less than 3500 calories per week, in order to lose weight. Being precise, this means that the person intending to lose weight has to cut down his calorie intake by 500 every day.

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