Calories in Beer:

What is a beer?
Generally beer is an alcoholic beverage produced through the fermentation of starchy material and is not distilled after fermentation. The process of beer production is called brewing because the ingredients used to make beer differ from place to place. Beer characteristics such as taste and colour vary with its type or classification. In short beer is a general name for alcoholic beverages made by fermenting a cereal or mixture of cereals flavored with hops.
Some classification of beers:
We are familiar that the taste and colour of beer vary widely with its type or classification. So here are some types of beer with its contents of calories:
King Cobra beer 181 calories.
Hamm's beer 135 calories.
Heinekan beer 160 calories.
Keystone Dry beer 122 calories.
Lowenbrau Dark beer calories.
Lowenbrau Special beer 162 calories.
Michelob dark beer 163 calories
Michelob Dry beer 163 calories.
Guinness Draft beer 190 calories.
Knickerbocker beer 142 calories.
Meisterbrau beer 140 calories.
Busch beer 145 calories.
Miller light beer 96 calories.
Miller high beer 150 calories.
Does beer makes you fat?
All are very conscious about their weight. All want to maintain their weight. That is true alcohol contains calories that is BIG calories and one bottle of beer contains about 150 calories.
Beer contains between three to eight percent alcohol and 'Light' or low-cal beers contain around three percent alcohol. One important point to be noted always is that the number of calories also depend on the size of the peg. Any carbonated beverage or fruit juice added with beer would increase the calorie content of the drink as juices and beverages contain calories. The calories in alcohol add up to increased body fat. People who are already overweight, gain weight more easily when they drink alcohol so they should minimize their consumption of beer and any other alcohol. And calories from alcohol tend to be stored in the gut so if you want six-pack abs you have to cut down on booze.
Even the N\non-alcoholic beer actually contains the same calories as alcoholic beer that is 148 calories in a pint. If you drink a light beer like Bud Light beer you'll only intake around 99 calories per pint.

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