Calories in an apple-

Have you been putting on weight? Are you seriously thinking of diet control and weight loss? Did your doctor advise you to consume less number of calories? Have been wondering what calories are and how much have been consuming? Well, the answer to more than half of these questions will be yes for an average human being. Well to answer scientifically, calorie is unit for measuring energy. It is a primitive unit and generally has been replaced by Joules. However, calorie still has an important use to itself, which is that it is used for measuring the amount of energy that one gains after consumption of food. Thus more the number of calories you consume, more will be the chances of you putting on.

Calories in an apple- do you know the count!
Well most people tend to think that fruits will have low or no calories at all. This is not correct as some fruits like banana have high calorie content. Apple an all time favorite fruit has high consumption. So are you wondering about how many calories are present in an apple? As compared to fruits like banana, the number of calories in apple is low. This is because like other low calorie fruits they have high-water content. The edible part of apple contains up to 90% of water. Also Apples are a good source of vitamin C and are rich in soluble fiber that helps in lowering cholesterol. Well, a medium apple with skin contains about 60 calories where as dried apples contain around 15 calories per ring. If measured by weight, 100 grams of cooked apple flesh has 36 calories where as the number increases to 76 calories if the apple is stewed with sugar. If 100 grams of apple is stewed without sugar, the calorie count is 32. The calories in a peeled apple are 40 for 100 grams of it. If you wondering about the number of calories in apple juices then here are the numbers. For 100 ml of copella, Del Monte, Gateway and Southern Gold, you stand to gain 43, 59, 39 and 46 calories respectively. 100 ml of natural fresh apple juice contains 40 calories.

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