Calories In A Banana: Banana everyday will keep you healthy always:

fruit contain? As most fruit calories are mostly made up of sugar . It becomes very easy to loose weight with a diet containing lots of fruit because the calories in fruit are mostly very low and fruit often contains a large percentage of water which helps you feel fresh, keeps you energetic and ready for exercise.
A small sized peeled banana contains approximate 80 calories while a medium sized banana contains about 100 calories and a large banana contains about 115 calories. An entire pound of peeled bananas contains approximate 260 calories.

What are the nutrients of a banana?
Banana is an all season fruit. It is the cheapest and the healthiest fruit. Banana is very nutritious as it contains vitamin B6(pyridoxine), vitamin C, dietry fiber, potassium, manganese and calories(108).

How much calories does a banana contain?
The calorie content of bananas are medium. As most of the calories in a banana come from carbohydrates where both naturally are forming simple sugars and starch forms its carbohydrate content. The composition of carbohydrate calories change on ripening and the sugar levels rise and the starch levels fall as a banana ripens. So from this we can conclude that bananas are probably easier to digest when the banana becomes more ripe and yellow. The protein calories in a banana only make up about one percent of its total calorie content.
The calories in a banana are digested slowly and help to supply the body with a steady source of energy. You might have noticed that all the sports person prefer to have banana about an hour before their physical activity because bananas are great for an energy boost if eaten about an hour before physical activity.

Calories in a banana used in food preparation:
Bananas are used for many food preparations like banana milk shake in which banana contains 140 calories. Deluxe ice-cream of banana flavour contains 1,998 calories. While average raw and peeled bananas contain 184 calories. Now banana chips are fried in coconut oil and they contain enough fat so banana chips contain about 230 calories or even more for a 2/3 cup serving.
So these ways bananas are used in many preparations and banana is one of the fruits that has the highest contents of calories.

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