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What are calories and why is counting them so important?
Calorie is a unit of measurement for energy. In most fields today, calorie has been replaced by the joule, which is the SI unit of energy. But even then, it remains in common use for the amount of energy that is obtained from food. Calorie has become a common household term as dietitians suggest in cases of obesity to reduce body weight by increasing exercise (energy expenditure) and reducing energy intake. This makes calorie count all important. As a result, many governments make it compulsory for food manufacturers to label the energy content of their products for helping consumers to control their energy intake. In the United States, it is mandatory that the labels display calories for a food item.

What is a calories counter?

Now that you understand the importance of counting calories, the significance of a calories counter is directly evident. If you ever wondered how many calories were present in the pasta that you consumed, or how many calories are in sugar, it was a calories counter that you needed. One can use calories counter for counting how many calories are in the foods that one eats! You can search calories counters and food databases online also and that too for free. It is an easy way for one to determine and count the number of calories for several thousand different food products. There are different types of calorie counters. Some are mainly for fruits or for popular foods. Some calories counter are for snacks and cakes while others are for fats and oils. This makes it easier to find the food item and the amount of calories.

Using a calorie counter is also very simple and uncomplicated. A calorie counter is useful for anyone who wants to lose weight by counting calories. For this purpose, you need to first work out how many calories you need each day for maintaining your weight. For women, the amount of calories is around 2000 while for men it is around 2500. This varies, depending on the build of the person - such as muscle content and height.

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