Calories burned running

What are we talking about?

Had your food? Do you actually ever calculate your calorie intake? What is a calorie? How do you calculate the intake? This is all secondary. The beginning of any discussion is to know what a calorie is. A calorie is the quantity of power the protein, carbohydrate, nutrients and fat can fuel your body!! It is a calorie that gives you the force to do your daily work out! But the excess of calories can also result in problems. Therefore one needs to know the calories in food. The question arises how will you burn this calorie? The answer is by running! It does.

You're daily calories and your fitness!

The calories that you eat daily depend on the fitness goals that you achieve. It is not only this but also on your body weight. There are other factors also. Here is a list for you to look at:

Your weight
Fitness goals

With the correct weight of the body and ample of energy, your calories in food intake are the right on. If you feel tired fast then the intake has to be increased. A small adjustment has to be made to make it suit your body metabolism.

Running does burn calories!!

Running at different speeds makes you burn different amount of calories. It will depend on the type of running you do that makes the difference. Considering the type of running you do some of them can be stated broadly as under. It all depends on how can one be sure of how much calorie has been burned.

For that convenience only it is seen that different types of running speeds burn different calories. Listing some of them:

Running in general- 472 calories
Running in place- 477 calories
Running cross country- 531 calories
Running 5 miles (12 minutes every day)- 1042 calories

There is a short table, but with the difference in time and in distance it will keep changing and therefore you need to workout according to you body mechanism. Running is a very good alternative.

Calories - running - fitness!!

This is a tri cycle that exists. It is seen that when there is excess of calories, one needs to run it out to loose on calories. Then once you run a certain distance then you will see the stored fats or the calories can be worked out easily.

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