Burger King Calories: know the gain of calories while having burger:

Burger king is nothing but hungry jacks. Burger King is a large international food corporation that sells fast food and drinks in chain stores. Its first restaurant was originally called 'Insta Burger King' that was opened in 1954 in Miami, Florida, USA by James McLamore and David Edgerton. Both of them were alumni of the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration. Ironically enough, who later established the McDonald's restaurant chain?
Burger King contains different varieties of burger as hamburger, cheese burger chicken burger and many more. They also contain beverages like coffee and tea, juices, milkshakes, soft drinks like Coco Cola, large. Everyone loves to have burger king fast food but do you how these food contain calories?
Here following are calories for some food and drinks at burger king:
Food Calories Fat Per Serving
Beverages like coffee with no milk. 1 - 1
Orange juice, large 231 3g 1
Burgers: cheese burger 367 20g 1 burger
Hamburger 325 18g 1 burger
Chicken Nuggets with 4 pieces 55 20g 1 nugget
Chicken Nuggets with 7 pieces 102 30g 1 nugget
Bacon Double Cheese burger 638 41g 1 burger
Whoppers burgers 670 41g 1 burger
Whopper with no meat burger 405 20g 1 burger
Whopper Double beef Burger 915 61g 1 burger
French Fries , Large 455 22g 1
Onion rings , Regular 330 16g 1
Specialty sandwiches vegie burgers 615 40g 1 burger
Coco Cola, large 215 - 1

Looking at these tables we can imagine eating burger king burgers our body intakes how much calories.

How shall we burn so much calories?
People love to maintain their weight. That's true that burger king food contains lots of fats and calories so you can burn your calories by doing some activities regularly like walking, dancing for becoming energetic, swimming, aerobics, jogging early in the morning. These all the activities will keep you fit and maintain your weight so remove the fear of burning calories.

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