Avocado calories

For the first time listener's of this word, Avocado is a famous American fruit, which is available throughout the year in California and from June to march in Florida. This particular fruit is well known for its luxuriant creamy quality and placid slightly nutlike zest. They have a very high nutritional value. Avocados are optimum in vitamin A and potassium. But they are the uppermost resource of unsaturated fat in the entire of vegetable and fruit family. Due to their rich taste they can be blended with almost any edible item on your menu. And due to their high fat content they have earned their nickname "butter pear". A medium sized Avocado contains as much fat as a quarter pound burger. Hence, people were initially advised against eating it. But now it's an altogether a different take over. As intuitionalists have discovered that fats of Avocado are monounsaturated, which actually lowers cholesterol levels, again eating it on the rise.

Good fat
The experiments, which took place among people for deciding whether Avocado actually does any good, it was found that people had a seventeen percent drop in their total blood cholesterol. Their levels of "bad fat" which is allied with heart syndrome too went down drastically. Avocados add that extra spice in your daily diet, which at times becomes monotonous due to the severe restrictions you need to put into them. You can mix and match almost every food article with an Avocado. For example:- replace that cheese slice with a Avocado slice and not only experience the same rich taste of butter but also eat it to the your heart's content without worrying about gaining weight.

Seldom precautions
But remember, anything and everything in excess is harmful. And so are Avocados if taken excessively. You should not let it slip from your mind that though they have unsaturated fat, they do have calories. And this consumed over a limit will negate all the good effects you wanted it to have on your diet. Roughly about two tablespoons or one-sixth of a normal sized Avocado is the optimum amount consumable. Even after the well-known effects of this particular fruit, there are a lot of states still unaware of the benefits of Avocado. But they can be banked upon to make people want them once they have had a taste of it. And this is the reason now Avocados are being sought after like crazy. This solely proves that only are they tasty but also nutritional. Otherwise the health freak world would not be running behind it.

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