What type of exercise is best?

Exercise helps control blood glucose because exercising muscle cells use more sugar and oxygen than those at rest. Exercise also helps insulin to work better. Most of the time when you exercise your blood sugar level drops.

Two types of exercises:

Aerobic: It is a steady exercise for a period of time that causes your body to use more oxygen. It makes your heart and lungs stronger, lowers blood pressures.
Anaerobic: It consists of short burst of energy that works one part of the body at a time, such as weight lifting. It builds muscle but does not strengthen the heart and lungs.

Both types are valuable. While aerobic exercise works to lower blood sugar benefits of anaerobic activities such as weight training are important too. Aerobic exercises should be done 3 to 5 times a week, for 20 to 30 minutes each time.

The best type of exercise for burning fat:
Aerobic exercise is the only type of exercise that burns fat directly. The target heart rate is kept towards the lower end; the exercise has a low intensity. The low intensity and longer duration is associated with exercises such as walking or swimming allows the energy system to switch into the last "gear", it is when fat burning occurs. Best type of aerobic exercises are walking, swimming and rowing. The more exercises can become aerobic if the level of effort is low and the duration is high. The people should also experience easy breathing as this shows sufficient oxygen uptake is delivered to the working muscle cells. Aerobic classes can be great for burning fat as the instructor may try to keep the heart rate at a fat burning level so ever, the class will be full of different people with different levels of fitness. It means what may be the best type of exercise level for one person may be too high for someone less fit .The best type of exercise is one that enjoys, because there are many different ways to exercise. Dancing is an aerobic exercise, jogging helps with endurance and yoga helps keep you supple. Walking is a low-impact aerobic exercise but is still really good for you. Some people refer to team sports like football, others like to play badminton or squash with a partner, and some go it alone for the workout in the gym.

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