How to get as lean as a bodybuilder?

Developing a lean, flat stomach like a bodybuilder takes time and patience, especially when it comes to those last few pounds in those hard to lose places. The lower abs and "love handles" can be stubborn and exercise-resistant areas to lose fat from. The best way to lose fat in the so-called stubborn areas is with the correct combination of proper diet, aerobic exercise, abdominal training, and weight training.


The best way to burn the layer of flab from your midsection is to do more cardiovascular exercise and not to do more abdominal exercise. Aerobics is the real secret to burning fat and walking, jogging, bicycling, elliptical exercise and stair climbing are all great fat burners. Most people give up during the first 20 -30 minutes of workout but they get only half of the workout done. They get the cardiovascular health benefits but don't get much fat loss. The key to maximum fat loss is to work out aerobically for 30-60 minutes continuously per session at least three or four days per week, but five, six, or even seven days a week will take off fat at the fastest rate possible!


Doing cardio every day without a good diet won't have much result. Fat loss is a combination of 50% exercise and 50% nutrition. A fat loss diet must be low in calories and regardless of how much you work out, if the calories intake is greater than the amount burnt, you'll still put on body fat. Spread your calories into five small meals a day instead of two or three big ones so that you don't overeat at one time. Eat natural, low-fat and low-sugar varieties of food, with 55% of the calories coming from carbohydrates, 30% from protein, and 15% from fat. Do not to drop your calories or carbohydrates too much because this will turn the body into starvation mode and result in a decreased metabolic rate.

Abdominal Training:

In abdominal training, sit ups and leg raises are the not the most effective exercises. More effective alternatives are crunches, crunch machines (or abs rollers), hip lifts, and reverse crunches. Crunches are partial sit-ups. The reverse crunch is a rolling movement, where the knees are rocked back over the chest.

Resistance Training:

Resistance training is an important component of abs flab-reducing program. It is important to train the entire body because working one muscle group and excluding others causes muscular imbalance. Building strong abdominals without developing the antagonistic spinal erectors of the lower back could also easily lead to injury. A complete program should include aerobic exercise and weight training for every muscle group.

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