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"Body fat"- In today's times the body fat problem is on the rise with each passing day. Look around you, you'll find couch potatoes, workaholics, housewives and children trying new methods to shed off the fat, which has accumulated in their body. Why has this problem cropped up? Well for starters it's the easy way of life that the electronic appliances have provided us with, which makes physical exercise almost null. And yet, people have not stopped consuming fatty foodstuffs, which in turn aggravates the issue more. Since, what you eat does not get used up, it stores in your body in form of fat. So now you are in need of a way to help you trim down. Here are some pointers, which will go a long way if you practice them sincerely.

Burning off body fat simply connotes using up more calories than you take in. And the best way to do that is either reduce calorie intake or start escalating your every day activity intensity. To achieve both these it would be obligatory to go in for exercise and a balanced diet. Mind you by balanced diet I do not suggest starving yourself. If you do that, you'll surely reduce but when you go back to your regular food the calories will pop up again instantly. That happens because your body gets used to low level of food and goes into a survival mode slowing itself down for a possible famine and your body will refuse to burn any calories incase you will not feed it for sometime. Then a sudden increase in the diet will cause fat levels to soar sky-high. This, will only double your load.

Once your body has been conditioned for the role of an efficient fat burner, you can very well go ahead and cut the cake and have it too! By exercising habitually, the muscle density amplifies. This makes burning calories easier and much more resourceful for a quick weight loss. Even if you cannot gather the time to visit a gym, no hassles! There are home practice methods, which will be of assistance in accomplishing your aim. The first on the list is Walking-long and fast walks are the first step towards burning the excess fat in the body. But to rely only on walking is not advisable. You will have to club walking with running, cardio exercises or even dancing. Try it out and you'll see the difference in you.

2. Gain Muscle.

Awed with the shape and body of your favorite action heroes and heroines, with the curves of their body? Wouldn't you like to gain some muscle yourself? While there are scores of people who are troubled on the issue of losing weight, there are others who want to gain it!! The feeling you get when you take a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, or when you happen to spot a very lean and skinny person walking by; the eternal question that pops up in your mind - "Am I that skinny?" Maybe some might feel jealous of you for the fact that you are so thin, but you get frustrated for the inability to gain weight. The perpetrator here is your metabolism, which is definitely on the higher side as compared to a normal person's. And this metabolism is a genetic composure. But that does not mean you cannot alter it. Try a hand at these tips and you'll have a fair routine to follow to gain a few pounds to get those right curves at the right places.


To gain you need to eat more calories than you burn. Here's a list, which you can keep adding to your daily foods to increase your calorie intake on a daily basis:

Prefer calorie-rich foods like bagels, granola, avocados, olives, biscuits, corn, nuts, peanut butter, milk, meat, yogurt and cheese.
Append superfluous calories to your banquet by using milk as a substitute for water for soups, sauces and hot cereals.
Snack on yogurt, crackers, shakes, and dip.

Once you have the calories just where you want them, you need to advance to the next level. And that is lifting weights. This increases muscle and reduces the fat you had consumed to increase the calorie in your body. So this will guarantee you will not go to the other extreme of skinny state i.e. obesity. When you start weight lifting make sure you do so under a trainer only. This is because if you venture on this alone, you might end up fracturing body parts or tearing your ligaments. The exercise schedule should have longer recovery periods in between them. Once you commence on weight lifting make sure that your diet does not come down. So all those who want to gain muscle just stop cribbing and start eating.

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