Cost Of Botox Injections:

Why is botox so popular?

Botox is a substance derived from botulinum toxin that is used clinically in small quantities to treat strabismus and facial spasms and other neurological disorders characterized by abnormal muscle contractions and is also used by cosmetic surgeons to smooth frown lines temporarily. It has been used safely for decades in the United States and mostly it has also been used to treat eye twitches, escessive palm or armpit sweating, and headaches. From mid 1990's botox injections were used to treat facial wrinkles.
What are the costs of botox injections?
To speak frankly you can't really put a price on looking and feeling good. Now-a-days many people, both men and women are turning to botox injections as a method of reversing the effects of time on their skin and turning back the clock and due to its increasing popularity it has now become the most affordable and effective wrinkle-reducing option available to the average consumer. But in comparison to plastic surgery, collagen injections, and acid skin peels, botox injections maximizes cost, safety, and benefit constrictions and considerations.
Botox injections prices vary. Actually it depends upon both on the number of units used as well as how diluted the solution is. The average cost of botox injections in the United States is $350 and the areas that require single injection such as the area besides the eyes cost $400 to $900. For larger surface areas such as the forehead can cost $600 to $1300 in US. While in Canada, a single injection can cost from $300 to $500.
Some average costs for some other procedures performed by plastic surgeons used to treat facial wrinkles are listed below and they have provided as a comparison to the price of botox injections that are in $USD.
Blue Peel that is a type of chemical peel used to reduce wrinkles cost $500 per peel.
Collagen injection cost upto $500-1500.
Deep Chemical Peel for full face cost $4000.
Dermabrasion for full face cost $4000.
Eyelid tuck (upper/lower) cost $4500.
Face lift cost $8000.
Forehead/Brow lift cost $4000.
Medium peel cost $2000.
Micro peel cost between $60-80 per peel.

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