Botox Pros Cons:

Botox injections basically are the latest and the most popular cosmetic procedures in the USA. They are said to reduce wrinkles and hence a research shows that about 1.6 million Americans get botox shots every year. The reason what makes botox shots so popular among the people of USA is the fact it isn't the old formula of cutting and stitching up your face to avoid the visibility of wrinkles. All you need to do is take a single shot and of course which follows a course of shots and the magic of youth is back. However these shots have a number of side effects that make them less easily available. Following are some of the pros and cons of botox.


Beginning with the pros, there are some important positive points of getting botox shots other that getting a surgery done; it is true that botox has many side effects, however these side effects are rare. To begin with botox gets rid of wrinkles. It has a few minor side effects; they would be the inability to raise your eyelids all the way or salivating suddenly if you happen to take the shots near your mouth. Other than that, the allergic reactions are rare. It is less painful to get botox shots than getting surgery done. The surgery will not only prove more expensive and time consuming, but it can be harsh on the tender skin.


Reading the pros will almost lure you towards getting botox shots done. However the list of cons exceeds the list of pros. The first and foremost negative point is the allergic reactions these shots can give you. It rarely occurs, however when it does occur, it can be very severe. A study shows that one of the possible side effects of botox is that it can cause botulism, which is a kind of a food poisoning that can be fatal at times. It can hamper facial expressions. The person is not able to twitch and move facial muscles as before. The muscles at times can loose all their elasticity. This would be a disastrous thing to happen.

After scanning through the pros and the cons it is pretty clear that getting botox shots would not prove to be a very smart thing to do. It would be a heavy price to pay just for merely hiding a few harmless wrinkles.

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