Botox Injections For Wrinkles:

skin so that the wrinkles disappear and hence Botox injections are effective for wrinkles in the forehead, lower eyelids, and side of the nose, and for frown lines, crow 's feet, and above the lip. And they can be used in the neck also.
There are many types of wrinkles that can be treated by botox injections. Botox is injected into certain muscles of the face to soften facial lines that includes

Forehead lines.
Frown lines between the eyebrows.
Line across the bridge of the nose.
Outside the corner of the eyes.
Lines on the throat.
What are the safety and side effects of botox ?
Injected botox does not cross the blood-brain barrier. The only side effects of botox injections are temporary muscle weakness near the injection site. Treatments may slightly hamper patients' ability to frown or may even cause the corners of the mouth to turn down.
Dosages used for therapeutic injections are very low that are assured with a wide safety margin. Since a small percentage of patients that is 5 to 15% may become nonresponsive to Botox due to formation of neutralizing antibodies and for those purpose newer forms of Botox are being developed and tested. Foe example Dysport is a similar botulinum toxin type A preparation available in Europe, and Myobloc is a type B preparation which is now under study.
Are the wrinkle-reducing effects permanent or how long do they last?
While Botox injections effectively reduce facial wrinkles, their effects do not last permanently that is it generally last for 4 to 6 months. Now patients can expect the effects to wear off after several months. Treatments are to be repeated but are safe and effective.
People who can have Botox treatment:
Your doctor will decide if you can have cosmetic treatment with botox because if you have any disorders it can be worst. Before starting the treatment, tell your doctor if you have any disorders that affect your nerves and muscles or if you are breastfeeding or if you are planning to become pregnant soon and before the treatment no alcohol consumption is done for one week.

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