Botox alternative:

The ultimate way look control the aging factor is the control of wrinkles and dullness on the face. People become more and more cautious after the age of 40 as the skin glow begins to deteriorate and the people become much more concerned about it. People need not think about the botox treatment much as it is having an alternative called as protox that has guaranteed and effective results in a very short span of 30 days. Winkles are caused by the contraction of muscles and hence the ptotox works accordingly to reduce them. Even if the facial movements are excessive then there are chances of wrinkle growth. The best part of it is the reduction of wrinkles and the number of procedures and saving your money.

A short span of treatment:

If you are determined to reduce the wrinkle lines then this is an apt treatment for wrinkle reduction. Protox is the best way to stop Constant muscle movements in this area of the skin lead to frequent skin creasing which ends in wrinkles and fine lines. The best part of this treatment is that it does not require surgery and hence it is a painless treatment. Another factor that can prove to be a best botox alternative protein rich gel that will harbor and encourage bacteria growth with another advantage is the prevention of air to prevent oxidation of needles.

Phases of protox:

There are phases in which the protox works that has the loading phase and maintenance phase. When the first phase is followed then the main target of the gel is to reach facial lines and muscle points and hence it is applied as a thin coat to the skin around the eyes, twice daily. In the second phase it has an advantage it is applied only once a day and the best time to apply it is whenever it can stay on the skin for a very long time. The results are very fast and it is seen especially on orbital eye area and forehead.

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