Swollen Lips:

A brief outlook:

The swelling of lips may be of different types depending upon the causes of their occurrence like swollen lips medically termed as Myxedema or Angioedema, lip inflammation known to be as Eczema or Glucagonoma and enlargements of the lips referred to as Acromegaly or Muccopolysacharidosis. The swelling of lip may also account for some common factors such as allergic reactions within the body or environmental factors such as exposure to excessive heat or cold etc. The allergic reactions may be because of sensitivity to a specific variety of food or beverage. In tropical countries desert regions it is seen that excessive heat & radiation from the sun may damage the lips specially the lower part of it leaving the lips swollen & hard dry. This can also cause the reddening of the lips & increase chances of subsequent cancer.

Symptoms & effects of swelling:

In common the inflammation of the lips which turns the lips into red, cracked & scaly with irritation and pain is caused by the deficiency of the essential vitamin B2. This may eventually give rise to vertical skin folds in the corners of the mouth leaving the sufferer unable to open the jaws adequately. In case of Acromegaly or Muccopolysacharidosis one may experience sudden swelling of the upper part of the lips accompanied by swelling of the lower part of the cheeks with visible formation of lump like structures in the affected region. It may also lead to a painful cracking and bleeding of the lips with a change in the lip color from its normal to a scaly reddish brown like that of a hard rubber. Sometimes the swelling of the lips may occur due to viral infection symptoms of which are formation of painful blisters in both the lips. This condition of lip swelling is known as lip herpes. Carcinoma is the blackening of the lips due to use of tobacco, excessive intake of alcohol and lack of oral hygiene.

Home remedies & prevention:

In general swellings in the lips caused by allergy can be treated without much worries by suitable application of anti inflammatory drugs or ointments such as corticosteroid prescribed by a registered medical practioner. In case if the swelling is a prolonged and is continuing for a period of more than weeks than removal of the swollen part may be done through surgery or radiation therapy.

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