Eye blister

The eye blister can also be named as corneal blisters or erosions. The surface of the eye can produce blister, similarly as the skin does. If only a small blister occurs on the cornea it can be very painful to the person. It is also known as corneal erosion. The problem may first come out as a baby, but some patients do not have any episodes until adulthood. Frequently the attacks have no predictable pattern, but large erosion may well follow several relatively minor episodes. The blisters heal spontaneously, usually within 24 hours, depending on the size of the area blistered. They generally heal without scarring, but if infection occurs, or the erosions are large and frequent, scarring can occur leading to visual problems later on.

After the occurrence of the blister

Once the blister has occurred, the main treatment is for the rigorous pain that can accompany the episode. Oral analgesics like Paracetamol may well are of help, but if oral medication is difficult, a drop such as Voltarol Ophtha may be of benefit. Silent rest, with the eyes shut is also helpful, since the eyelids form a bandage over the eye, and the reduced movement of the eye itself reduces further friction of the lids on the affected area. Anaesthetic eye drops such as Benoxinate should not be used as a treatment, since they delay the healing process, and the anaesthetic effect increases the danger of further trauma without the patient realizing it. Anaesthetic drops are used for examination of the eye, and in certain special cases, under the supervision of a clinician, can be used to help the patient carry out a specific task. However, the anaesthetist and operating staff must be made aware that drops have been instilled.

Prevention to be taken

Keeping the pad in place is a problem, since tape cannot be used. So, using Tubifast, Netelast, or conforming bandage is recommended, although regular checks that the pad is correctly in place is necessary, since the pad itself can cause friction and therefore further damage to the affected eye. Wearing sunglasses during an episode of corneal erosion reduces the problem of photophobia. When the eye is damaged, the iris of the eye goes into spasm, and as a result when the patient is in bright sunlight/ brightly lit room, the pupil constricts causing further spasm of the iris and resultant pain. If this pain is severe, instillation of a dilating drop such as Mydrilate relaxes the iris and reduces the pain. Routine application of lubricant gels or ointment every night whether there are eye problems or not, appears to reduce the incidence of erosions considerably. Lubricant drops for use during the day, as necessary, also appear to help.

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