Tell someone they have bad breath

Bad breath is most often related to some aspect of oral hygiene. Specifically, it's commonly caused by putrified foods residing somewhere in your mouth, either the teeth or tongue. The food acts as a bacteria growth medium. The bacteria produce smelly stuff that one exhales
Some things can make this worse, such as mouth breathing. Mouth breathing is problematic for both the obvious reason that one is exhaling air out of your mouth, and it causes a drier mouth that promotes more bacterial growth in some cases. There are, in fact, many possible causes of bad breath including various illnesses, bacterial infections, foreign objects in the nose, etc. But for at least 90% of sufferers it's simpler than that, and the good news is that it's typically easy to fix if you're willing to put a bit of effort into it. Certain foods supposedly cause it. In any case, consistent bad breath is rarely diet-related.

Tell the person about the misconceptions

Common misconceptions include the idea that it comes from the stomach or that it's untreatable. Bad breath is one of those subjects people don't like to talk about. This is a real shame, because in most cases it's an easily treatable condition that can cause loads of embarrassment for both the sufferer and the people around him or her. The best way to sympathize with a person who has bad breath is to understand the possible reasons why. One of the main reasons is poor hygiene, such as not brushing and flossing enough or correctly, which leaves food to decay in that person's teeth.

Tell the side effects of smoking and other injurious habits

Smoking also causes short-term bad breath problems. Another reason is possible infections in the mouth, such as gum disease. That is why it is important to understand why, because they may brush more than anyone else may in the world, but if they have some sort of mouth disease than their bad breath problem may be out of their control. Thus it can be seemed that bad breath can be caused by respiratory tract infections, such as throat, lung, and sinus infections. Once again, these are possible causes that cannot always be prevented, so it is important to be respectful and understanding of the situation at hand.

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