Signs of autism:

Autism is a neurological developmental disability that results in limited cognitive abilities such as the autistic individual is limited in ability to learn inductively from surrounding events, social interactions like communication and many kinds of conceptual learning can be strongly limited. At the same time, the autistic individual may be outstandingly good at some kinds of mental manipulations for example arithmetical calculations.

What are the signs of autism?

Autism can be caused due to genetic or chromosomal abnormality, metabolic disorders, immune intolerance, viral agents or perinatal anoxia.
Early sign or symptoms that a children needs for further evaluation for autism include; when the baby is not smiling by six months of age, by 12 months there is no babbling, pointing or using any other gestures, the child is not using single words by the age of 16 months and not using two word phrases by 24 months. Later on this age the child may have a regression in development, with any loss of language or social skills. At times child seems to be deaf or even he cannot explain what he or she wants and he is not interested in other children, prefers to play alone and seems to tune out people.

Five early signs of autism you can mark in your child:

First is does he responds to his name when called by caregiver. Then does the child engage in joint attention or does he or she imitates others. Does the child respond emotionally to others and does he is engaged in pretend play. Keeping these points or signs in view you can judge whether your child is autistic or not. Autism is nothing but a developmental disorder affecting children from birth or the early months of life. It results, in the delay of the normal patterns of development1and these occur in three areas of behavior that are social relationships and interactions, interest and activities, communication and language.

How can you develop your child diagnosed with autism?

Autism Educational centers are best where the child can develop. But few teachers work in an autism-specific classroom and most are responsible for classes where a variety of disabilities is represented. Now-a-days overworked and stressed teachers may not have the time or the resources to implement an effective program for every child hence it is important for parents to develop a sense of their child's learning style, and to educate themselves about what strategies will best help their child to succeed in school. At last parents are said to be the best teacher of their child or you can put them in some good education centers.

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