Different types of autism

What is autism?
Autism is a disease that is basically a retarded neurological development and occurs generally in boys. It begins to develop in infancy itself but can be detected by the age of three. It is characterized by abnormal and aggressive behavior and a low level of intelligence. Its cause has still not been established.

What are the different types of autism?
Autism is generally perceived to be a single disease but research has proved that the disease is actually of five different types and the classification is based upon the difference in symptoms and severity of the type of the disease. The five types include:
Classic autism: This is the form of autism that is characterized by difficulties in communicating and interacting and also relating to different situations and people. Experts consider it as the most severe form of the disease. People suffering from classic autism form strict, unnecessary schedules for themselves like eating, sleeping, bathing etc on the same time everyday and the problem appears when even minor changes in their schedules disturb them to violent behavior.
Asperger's syndrome: It is a kind of autism that is characterized by difficulty in socializing, interacting and communicating with people. The affected person feels awkward in company of a large number of people and refuse to abide by socially accepted norms and conventions. The person shies away from making an eye contact and exhibits lack of confidence from the gestures.
Childhood disintegrative disorder: This is a type of disorder that is difficult to diagnose as it is not diagnosed during childhood. It generally crops up in children who seemed absolutely normal generally. The child suffering from this disorder stops playing and interacting with children and no more makes friends.
Rett syndrome: it is a condition which generally affects girls and leads to a retarded growth of the head. Affected persons show degraded communication skills and also do repetitive actions like hand-wringing, hand-washing and clapping. Mental retardation may also occur.
Pervasive development disorder: it is a condition in which symptoms of both classic autism and some pervasive development disorder. There are the general symptoms of speech and social problems and unusual and abnormal aggressive behavior.

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