Autism Treatments

What is autism?
The dictionary defines autism as a psychiatric disorder that occurs in childhood and retards the neurological development of the child. It is best diagnosed by the age of three. It is characterized by aggressive responses to general and normal stimuli like touches and cuddling. The speech becomes faulty, begins to lack expression, clarity and intonation. The disease is all about intellectual impairment of the infant.

How is it caused?
The cause of the disease is unknown. Several rounds of research have been conducted on the disease and its causes but the latter still remains undiscovered and unidentified. The disease can be inherited; it can be due to genetic or environmental reasons or also due to infections.

How is it treated?
Autism treatment may vary from child to child depending upon the severity of the disease suffered by the child. They need to be given proper behavioral therapy to improve their language skills. They need special treatment as they have a tendency to go aggressive and find problems in understanding. Behavioral therapies and other alternative medicines are also supposed to have favorable effects on the autistic child.
The alternative treatment includes dietary restrictions and taking certain specific nutrients.

Applied behavior analysis: it is a treatment method of autism which is one of the most widely accepted systems for the disease. It is based upon a rewards system and is the most extensively researched procedures of treatment. The popularity and success of the method can be attributed to the fact that there are large numbers of incidents that support it. It has proved especially successful and apt for children with the severe type of symptoms.
The process basically aims at teaching the child basics like how to identify colors and then eventually graduating to more complex procedures. It is basically a process of interaction between a teacher and the child which is supposed to be of duration more than forty hours a week. The method is helpful and has been used by several people across the globe.

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