Autism symptoms mild:

Autism is detected and the severity of it is known by the symptoms and they are this disorder is diagnosed when the child is between the age of 0 to 3 mainly. In many cases it is observed that the child is absolutely normal till the age of two but the disorder develops in later stage of life from the second to the third year of birth. There is often an observable and different behavior of the child. There is an over or under active movement of the sensory stimuli and there is an observance that there is a painful and unpleasant experience, smells may be overwhelmingly unpleasant. In some cases there is an inconsolable crying of the child when there is an exposure to bright stimuli.

Some minor signs:

A child generally behaves in an indifferent manner and it Appears content to be alone, happier to play alone. There is a lack of interest in playing games and toys which is not usual in children. The level of activity by the child is either in excess or negligible that is also an indication. There is a difficulty in expression due to lack of words in conversation and there is comparatively a more use in gestures instead of words. There is a lack of social behavior in the child and there are a few or no friends. There are some strange repeated movements like rocking back and forth, head-banging and teeth-grinding.

Other symptoms:

If the routine of the child is disturbed then the child may become hysterical if they are disrupted or something is out of place. They avoid physical contact with the parents and dislike cuddling and in some cases there is a strong attachment to unusual things like paper or other worthless objects. The pain sensations are significantly different like less painful sensations could upset them such as walking on the grass or hearing a loud noise. These children perform poorly when it comes to the IQ tests and they generally do not do well in studies as they just scrape through the exams.

Autism society:
Autism is a developmental disability that affects the way a person communicates and interacts with other people. People with autism cannot relate to others in a meaningful way. Autism societies are developed keeping in mind the interest of the...

Autism Spectrum Disorder -
Autism spectrum disorder, also referred to as the autistic spectrum, is the idea that autism is a developmental and behavioral syndrome resulting from certain combinations of traits. Though these traits can be normally distributed in the population,...

History Of Autism
In 1908, Eugen Bleuler coined the word "autism" in schizophrenic patients who screened themselves off and were self-centered. In 1943, the American child psychiatrist Leo Kanner described 11 children with the following common traits: impairments...

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