Autism society:

Autism is a developmental disability that affects the way a person communicates and interacts with other people. People with autism cannot relate to others in a meaningful way. Autism societies are developed keeping in mind the interest of the autistics and their parents and relatives in mind. They ensure that the autistic and their families receive quality services appropriate to their needs. These societies do research on prevention, management and cure of autism. They conduct innumerable workshops in where they invite researchers and psychologists from all around the country to help in the researches.

Functioning of the autism societies:

Autism usually appears by age 3, mostly in boys. Affected children have trouble communicating and interacting with others. They may not respond to their names or even look at other people. In severe cases, they may become aggressive or injure themselves.

Autism societies call professional psychologists who help and guide the parents of the autistic regarding disabilities of this kind and how the children suffering from them should be treated. These centers also study the percentage of prevalence of autism amongst the children in the country. Their recent research is tending to give much higher prevalence rates for autism than the traditional figure of 4-5 in 10,000, which, as noted above, was found for classic Kanner's autism very narrowly defined.

These societies have their own websites, via which their functioning and work can be learnt. Some very popular autism centers are: NAS (national autism society), central South Dakota autism society, autism society of Maine, ASA (autism society of America) and the autism society of Washington.

The necessity for the societies:

Autism is more severe a problem than it might seem. It isn't stressful only for the patient suffering from it, but also the parents of the child suffering from it. These families go through a lot of trauma. Everyday is a task for them. These societies help these troubled individuals to overcome their problems. The members of these societies are other families suffering from similar problems. Group counseling helps these people to realize that they are not alone and that there are thousands of others suffering from similar issues. These societies help these people to have a positive outlook towards life. it is important to note that autism is a disability that can be treated, and an autistic child can lead his life as a normal adult.

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