Autism diet: "Expert dietary advices for curing autism"

Autism can not be considered as a disease, rather it is said to be a developmental disorder of the functions of the brain. An autism infected child generally shows a number of different symptoms in respect to social interactions, verbal as well as non verbal communication and unusual and severely limited activities. Although it is an incurable disease but with proper diet and Medicare, the abnormality in development and behavior can be reduced to a greater extent. The life expectancy of an autism infected person is the same as a normal healthy person. Autism diet is highly enriched with nutritious vitamins and minerals which perfectly meets the requirements of the patient's body.

Information about autism diet
Generally it is observed that a child suffering from autism develop intolerances or allergies to certain foods and chemicals which in turn contribute towards the abnormal behavior of the child. Autism diet should be such that, each and every element of the food product must be easily digestible to the patient.

It is commonly seen that proteins such as gluten is very hard to digest for an autism infected child. Gluten is found in wheat, oats and rye and hence these sorts of foods should be kept away from a child suffering from autism. Scientist all over the world are trying to get into the roots of this abnormal symptom, but till date nothing is found. So until we reach to some specific conclusion about inability of an autism patient to break down these proteins, we have to remove these proteins from the autism diet of a person to avoid any further damage.

However if these proteins like gluten or casein are removed from the food products at once it may result in some withdrawal symptoms. With proper consultation of a nutritionists or a physician these proteins can be easily withdrawn from the autism diet.

While analyzing an autism infected child it can be seen in most of the cases that there is a hole in the intestinal tract which is the result of overgrowth of yeast. Hence it is generally advised to use an anti fungal and yeast free diet for an autism patient, just keeping in mind a simple fact that as antibiotics can act as resistant to bacterial growth, anti fungal could lead to fungal resistance.

In a stunning incident a young boy suffering from autism in the year 1996 was given Secretin, which is a hormone produced by the small intestine during endoscopy, the boy shows improvements in many of his symptoms of autism. Many other patients also had shown similar results. Thus secretin becomes advisable for a single dose only.

In this way autism diet can be of tremendous help in controlling the disease of autism which is creating a panic among many peoples around the world.

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