Adult ADHD- Even Grown-ups have it!

The human brain is one of the most complex aspects of the human body and it is still a puzzle for the medical practitioners and researchers. Mental or neurological disorders can affect anyone and at anytime. An individual can suffer from a mental disorder at any stage in life and the reason for it can be anything or even nothing at all. Thus in case of ADHD too, it is the same condition. Adult ADHD is a growing disease today.

More about Adult ADHD:

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder or ADHD is said to be mainly affecting children or adolescents. However even adults can suffer from this situation and can be victims of ADHD. The symptoms of ADHD are inattentiveness, high impulsiveness, highly hyperactive and restless. ADHD can affect adults at any stage in life. Adults ADHD is difficult to diagnose as it is mistaken as a result of a stressful life. However if the individual shows the symptoms for a majority part of his life it means that he is suffering from ADHD.

How to recognize ADHD among adults?

To confirm that adults suffer from ADHD the following factors must be considered:

1) Adults suffering from ADHD can have difficulties in winding up a project or a given task once the difficult part of the project is completed.
2) The individual has trouble in the organization and time management necessary for a project or a task.
3) A person suffering from ADHD tends to forget his appointments and obligations.
4) An individual suffering from ADHD has trouble in sitting in one place for a long time and fidgets and squirms in his seat if he has to do so.
5) Sometimes he gets so hyperactive that he tends to do things very fast and without much thought behind it.

Coping with ADHD:

There are several ways in which adults can cope with ADHD. Psychologists, psychiatrists and doctors have designed special ways to treat adult ADHD. The following are few of the ways in which Adult ADHD can be treated:

1) Special counseling by professional psychologists and psychiatrists.
2) Different coping and skill strategies developed for treating adult ADHD.
3) Professional psychologists advise behavior modifications, coaching and therapy and a combination of these factors.
4) Treatment is customized for each patient.
5) The psychologist or the psychiatrist first determines the degree and nature of the ADHD among the individual.
6) The physician then determines the treatment according to the symptoms of ADHD among the individual.
7) The treatment involves monitoring the symptoms and treatment and medicinal effects on the individual with respect to his work, domestic and social life and his level of performance in every field.


Thus this proves that it is not necessary that only children suffer from ADHD. Individuals above the age of 18 to suffer from it and that Adult ADHD is very much prevalent.

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