ADHD Schools:

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder known as ADHD is a condition in which adults or children of early age suffer due to inattention or excessive hyperactivity. Nowadays it is very common among adults. About 3-5% of children suffer from ADHD. For example in a class of 20-25 students at least one child is diagnosed of ADHD. This disorder is often found in males than in females and can also continue in the family. Certain changes in the behavior pattern like slowing down in academics, or feeling frustrated or depressed always can be the symptoms of ADHD. If left unattended it can seriously affect your child's growth.

Medication or something else:

Most commonly prescribed medicines for people suffering from ADHD are Ritalin, Adderall, and Concerta. They have a very short term effect to reduce the symptoms of ADHD but it's not the complete cure of the disorder. To increase your child's performance it is very essential to know what your child is going through mentally which may require counseling. There are certain certified ADHD schools that conduct the entire treatment and procedures to cure ADHD.

What are ADHD schools?

There are certain boarding schools that not only deal with education but also conduct special programs to deal with learning disability of teenagers that suffer from ADHD. These ADHD boarding schools conduct counseling and other activities that help the teenager develop self-confidence and reduce the depression level by creating a safe environment. They deal with many interactive programs and teachers of such schools are trained in such a way that they can handle each student individually to make them find the right approach towards success.

How long can your child stay in these boarding schools?

Well, that will depend on the study of the cause of ADHD. Some teenagers may stay for 12 months while some may need more than that. It differs, but the main cause of these schools if to improve the behavior of your child and see that they progress in their academics giving them a better stand in the society. There are many boarding schools in different states but you have to see which school suits best for your child's need.

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