ADHD Ritalin- Ritalin or Retarding?

With advanced study and research, the field of medicine has progressed with leaps and bounds. It has come up with cures for almost all the diseases. The research for such medicines still continues. But do all the drugs supposed to cure the diseases really perform their role or in turn throw up other range of different problems. This could be the problem associated with the drug called Ritalin prescribed over the disease Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder or ADHD.

Case against Ritalin:

According to experts if children suffering from ADHD are on Ritalin for more than one year then it can have adverse effects on the child's mental health and can further deteriorate his condition. Ritalin can cause further psychotic problems and hallucinations among the victims of ADHD. The intake of this drug can cause the victims to have visions of insects and snakes near them. According to the advisory of the Drug Safety and Risk Management advisory committee this drug can also cause heart attacks as well as strokes. According to the committee it has received several reports which suggest that children consuming this drug have abruptly died.

However there have also been cases where children prescribed to Ritalin have shown very good progress in schools and in their overall behaviour and abilities.

Some Bizarre Incidents:

A 12 year old school boy in Quebec was suspended from school when his mother refused to give him the drug when it was prescribed to him. It is noted that the parents were forced by the school authorities to prescribe Ritalin to the boy. The parents say that they must have the right to refuse drugs which have a controversial background.

According to experts schools prescribe this drug as they want all their students to be equally intelligent and hard working so that they can be easily controlled by the teachers.

How can Ritalin be avoided?

Almost all medical practitioners avoid prescribing Ritalin due to its extremely adverse side effects. Experts believe that Ritalin is prescribed only because the drug manufacturing companies earn large profits out of it. Parents feel that many a times doctors either prescribe this drug in a haste or prescribe an overdose of it.

Experts feel that Ritalin is not the sole answer to ADHD. The cure for this disease is a combination of numerous factors like medication as well as development of the child's personality. It is very necessary to develop traits among the child like self-confidence and self-belief and support the child to overcome this disease successfully.

As always more than the medicines it is the inner strength that is the key to recover from any malady- be it physical or mental. Diseases like the ADHD must be and can be cured without the help of drugs like Ritalin.

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