ADHD Children- ADHD Children- They are Special!

It is said that children are closest to God. Thus children suffering from diseases like Attention Deficit Disorders ( ADD) are all the more special. They are God's special children and have a different destiny carved for them. They are different from the normal children in a lot of ways.

More about these "Special" children:

Children suffering from ADD/ ADHD show the following symptoms:

a) Children suffering from ADD/ ADHD have very low attention spans. They cannot pay attention at a particular thing for a long time.
b) They suffer from hyperactivity problem.
c) They find it extremely difficult to complete any given tasks.
d) Such children can be easily distracted.
e) Such children can land up in unwanted troubles as they can undertake activities which may involve high risks. These children can do things without thinking too much about the after- effects.
f) Such children may be over-interfering.
g) Such children can be forgetful and lose their things.
h) They can be very talkative.
i) They show signs of restlessness.


Children suffering from ADHD show the above mentioned disorders. However they can be very intelligent with great skills and talent. Thus can showcase their talent in various fields ranging from academics to sports to art, craft and cultural activities. They can be extremely creative and bright young minds.

To distinguish between normal and ADHD children:

Thus with the above mentioned aspects that ADHD children portray, it can be a challenge to distinguish between normal children and children suffering from ADHD. However children suffering from ADHD show the above mentioned symptoms on a much more regular basis than the normal children who show these signs on a very irregular basis. Children suffering from ADHD show such symptoms with a higher degree and with a higher severity. Normal children show these signs but are less severe in nature.

ADHD children show these signs in all the situations which is not the case among normal children.

Role of Parents and Teachers:

The first step to be considered, especially, by parents is careful and proper evaluation of the child suffering fro ADHD. They must refer to a good and professional trainer. Proper evaluation can be done through various IQ tests and other psychological tests. Parents and teachers must extend strong and unconditional support to such children and help them overcome this disease to the greatest extent.


Children suffering from ADHD are not very different from the normal ones. With proper guidance, support and encouragement they too can lead a normal life similar to the one led by the normal children. After all ADHD children too are "gifted"!

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