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Build your own hot tub

Build your own hot tub

remember. The first step is to acquire the necessary components of a wooden hot tub system, which may be an assortment of products from various manufacturers, depending on your likes. Today, there are designers who have dedicated themselves solely to creating and supporting hot tub systems and are willing to share of their experience with your purchase. These also supply complete and comprehensive instructions that help the average homeowner to amalgamate and coordinate all components with just the basic tools and skills.
Guiding steps to building the hot tub yourself:
The most important step is to first select the tub and benches below and then move on to the support system components - like a pump, filter, heater, jet set, control set and plumbing kit along with any accessories desired. Cedar Tubs are available with a wide variety of bench styles and configurations and the advantage to this is that with round tubs, you have a choice of slab or circular benches whereas oval tubs are available with slab benches only.

Ensuring standing space:
If there are slab benches, you can purchase a maximum of three for 5', 6' and 7' diameter round tubs, up to four for 8' diameter round tubs but no more than two for 3' or 4' diameter round tubs and all oval shaped tubs. For circular benches, a total of eight sections give all around seating for 4', 5' and 6' diameter tubs. The pump size should be matched to number of jets by using four per HP or fraction thereof, although pumps close to the tub can accommodate more jets than this.

Pump details to keep in mind for your hot tub:
Nowadays, all pumps are single phase and dual speed though single speed and other voltages are also available. The advantage of full service pumps is that they have integral hair and lint strainers (trap) whereas unity service pumps typically do...

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Best hot tub

Best hot tub

The best hot tub is naturally the one that suits your needs and budget while giving you the maximum features in the most convenient package. There is no dearth of hot tub models available in the market today as modern hot tubs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are those for use by two persons right up to the more communal type of unit, which can accommodate eight to ten people. Experts are of the opinion that units today have a foam-insulated shell made from a PCB type plastic with a thick, heavy-duty acrylic coating and the materials as well as the colors are those influenced by the automobile industry. The plastics used on cars for remodeling and customizing are now being used on hot tubs, so this has brought a lot of variety and cost effectiveness in bringing to the customer better hot tubs at lesser prices than ever before.

Features to look for in the best hot tub

A hot tub is a swirling heated bath, which can be used in the privacy of your home, providing the user with all the healing properties of water to soothe aching, tired muscles and rejuvenate the spirit too. The best hot tubs are those that can alleviate the stress caused to our systems by individual features or a combination of them that can bring relief to our modern hectic, sleep-deprived lifestyles, with true value for the dollar without compromising on quality. Prices begin from $800 at discount stores to regular tags of $2500,going up to $10,000 or $12,000, depending upon size and added components.

Add-ons that make a good hot tub, the best one

Much like a car, the price tags are determined by the size you want and add-ons wanted and customers are spoilt for choice here as the range begins with solar blasters, turbo blasters, neck jets, waterfalls, fiber optic lighting, stereos, a...

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Balboa hot tub

Balboa hot tub

The Balboa systems are termed as the ultimate in hot tub control systems, which give value and keep up with the trends that the new generation of home spa users are demanding in today's world.

Special features of the Balboa hot tub

Balboa has patented the M7 temperature and flow sensor technology and universal control platform; the last ensures that the feature flexibility is increased and installation and configuration costs are considerably reduced, unlike other hot tub systems in the market today.
Balboa's temperature technology does away with most kinds of failure that may occur due to malfunction of pressure switches. Another feature worth mentioning is that the Balboa hot tub system aims at simplifying installations by not having to drill additional holes and these systems have a plastic enclosure to eliminate water intrusion. There are connectors built onto the circuit board, which minimize the need for wires and simplify services. All models in the Balboa system feature convertible power supply and support mini, duplex or standard digital panels.

Types of Balboa hot tub systems

There are a wide variety of Balboa hot tub systems designed to suit every possible home spa need of the customer. There are Balboa Control Systems, which have control circulation pump, single to dual speed pumps, ozonators and lights. Others have cords and mini ovals with spa side control

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