Thursday, August 17, 2006

That's a Chloe Handbag!

That's a Chloe Handbag!

There no fragrance I love more than Chloe. I have never had the privilege of wearing Chloe clothing, but I have seriously considered purchasing myself a Chloe handbag. These purses are the utmost in high fashion, and are carried by celebrities and fashion-conscious women everywhere. A Chloe bag is an investment piece, that you can expect to keep for many years to come. You may even want to hand down your Chloe purse to your daughter or granddaughter.

One good thing about a Chloe handbag is that they're somewhat more affordable than other designer bags like Prada and Chanel. You can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $1000 for a Chloe handbag, depending on the style you choose. If you're seeking one of these designer bags for a bargain, use the Internet to find a spectacular deal. Not only can you find Chloe bags at discount prices on various websites, you can try an online auction site like Ebay. If you're willing to carry a used handbag, you can get even more of a price break! Just make sure that the bag you're paying so much for is authentic. I've heard of people paying hundreds, even thousands of dollars for a bag they thought was authentic, when it was actually a fake!

I think my favorite Chloe handbag that I've seen advertised would have to be the Paddington bag. This bag is medium sized, made from supple, luxurious calfskin leather, and available in a variety of colors. Choose from camel, antique white, chocolate brown, black, and white. The lighter choices would...

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Beautiful Balenciaga -- Hot High Fashion for Today's Woman

Beautiful Balenciaga -- Hot High Fashion for Today's Woman

Have you ever heard of the Balenciaga fashion house? They are now owned by Gucci and they are a extremely popular choice for fashion lovers around the world! I was just reading my Star Magazine, where Anne Hathaway, the leading lady in the hot new movie The Devil Wears Prada and also the Princess Diaries was interviewed. When asked who her fave designer was, the gorgeous Miss Hathaway answered Balenciaga!

Anne's not the only in demand celeb that adores the Balenciaga name. You can find these designs being worn proudly by today's hot stars like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. Even classic beauty Nicole Kidman wore Balenciaga to the Oscars. So, do you want a piece of Balenciaga luxury for yourself? Well then, how about a handbag?

I really like the Balenciaga Motorcycle Overnight Handbag in fiery red. This eye catching bag offers enough room for clothing, books, makeup, books -- anything you need to tote! It's crafted from the finest Italian leather and each beautiful bag is handmade by master craftsmen. However, this gorgeous handbag doesn't come cheap! Be prepared to spend at least...

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Are You Seeking a Great Vacation? Try a Carnival Cruise!

Are You Seeking a Great Vacation? Try a Carnival Cruise!

Did you know that Carnival Cruise Lines isn't just called 'The Fun Ships' for nothing! If you are ever going to take a cruise on Carnival, then you had better be prepared for tons and tons of adventure and fun. In addition to visiting some of the most gorgeous ports of call, you will also get to experience a ton of activities aboard the ship. You will also be amazed at just how much there is to do on one of these fantastic ships! You won't believe your eyes.

If you like sports, there's no shortage of those on a Carnival cruise. Try the rockclimbing wall or take golf lessons. Swim laps in the pool or use the exercise machines in the gym. There are dance classes, yoga classes, aerobics classes, and more!

If something more low-key is your style, then try getting pampered in one of the onboard spas! Here you can get soothing massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, mud baths, and more! Try a cute new haircut or color at the salon, or shop til you drop at the wide variety of stores available.

On a Carnival cruise, you can also enjoy dining at a wide variety of fine restaurants. No matter what your culinary preferences, you'll find an...

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A Caribbean Cruise -- The Ultimate in Fun and Luxury!

A Caribbean Cruise -- The Ultimate in Fun and Luxury!

Hey now, how about the Caribbean! What could possibly be a better place to travel during your vacation? They have white sandy beaches, blue sparkling water and tropical warm sunshine are just a few of the reasons why the Caribbean is at the top of my list for travel. If this starts to sound like somewhere you would definitely like to go, then why not take a cruise on the Caribbean? It could be just what you're looking for.

Cruises are great because there's so much included for one price. And today's cruise ships are like vacations on their own -- featuring so much to see and do that you may never want to leave! On most cruise ships, you'll get shopping, dining, dancing, shows, sports, movies, special children's activities, and more! No matter what you enjoy, you can find it on a cruise ship! And many of them offer 24-hr services, so no matter what time of day or night you feel like doing something, there's something there for you!

When I went on a cruise with my family, I had the pleasure of enjoying a 24-hr chocolate buffet! Any time I wanted, I could have the finest chocolate desserts! I also loved getting pampered in the onboard spa, which featured massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, and my favorite -- the seaweed wrap followed by mud bath! The cruise ship I went on also had an onboard gym -- so I could hop on the stairmaster and burn off those calories from...

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